What are the parts of a garbage truck

Introduction to Refuge Truck Parts

Garbage trucks are an essential part of the city. They help remove waste and keep our streets clean, but most people don’t know how these vehicles work. Here’s a look at the parts of each part of the garbage truck:

The discharge plate

The discharge plate is the front end of the garbage truck, where it dumps all the trash in. The discharge plate has small openings called “slots” that help suck up trash and debris.

These slots are connected to a conveyor belt system that carries away your garbage once it’s collected on board. This belt moves at an angle so that it can dump all of your trash into a container when you’re done with it!

The tailgate

The tailgate is the back end of the truck and can be raised to dump the contents of the container in. It’s a large door that can be raised, whereas most doors open outwards. The main purpose of this area is to allow for easy dumping of garbage cans into the back of the truck.

The rear wheels are located on either side behind this area, with more wheels in front driven by an engine located under your feet.

The compaction plate

The compaction plate is a large plate which compacts all the trash that has been dumped so that room for more trash can be made. This is done by the garbage truck driver or operator, who uses his foot to push the trash down into the compactor chamber. The compaction plate is located at the front of the truck and it forms part of your rubbish’s journey through the truck, so you don’t have to worry about touching any part of it!

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The container cover opener

The container cover opener is a hydraulic arm that grabs at the containers used by various businesses or apartment buildings and opens them. This allows the garbage truck driver to lift the container up, remove it from its slot, and place it in their truck. The container cover opener is one of many parts that make up a modern-day garbage truck.

The container holding arm

The container holding arm is a long metal arm that holds up the containers on their sides as they are being emptied. It is attached to the body of the truck and used in conjunction with the container opener, which lifts up the top of each bin so that it can be removed.

The cover of an open top roll-off container

The cover of an open top roll-off container swings on hinges at a 90-degree angle so workers can load it with bulky items. The cover also swings up and down to allow workers to unload the container.

The Body

The body is the main part of the truck. It’s where most of the load is stored before being discharged out of the front and into a landfill or transfer station site.

The body has two doors on each side, one for loading and one for unloading trash. The driver opens these doors by pulling levers inside the truck cab; this allows him to insert and remove trailers that have been specially designed to hold garbage (also known as “waste collection vehicles”).

When these doors are open, they can be used as ramps so that workers can drive trucks into them instead of having to lift heavy loads by hand or use other mechanical devices like cranes or forklifts which may damage equipment if not operated correctly!


I hope this article has helped you understand what goes on inside a garbage truck. It may not be as glamorous as some jobs, but it is certainly an important one!