Street Sweeper Hire Pretoria is made simple when you work with Checker Hire.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the Sweeper Hire and Garbage Truck Hire sector, you can be assured knowing that all of your requirements will be met when you rent a vehicle in Pretoria from us.

In the city of Pretoria, we offer rent our vehicles to individuals in addition to commercial enterprises and municipalities. Our services are available on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis respectively for your convenience.

Our Pretoria Van Hire Fleet

Street sweepers in Pretoria are available in a variety of configurations, allowing us to meet a wide range of customers’ demands for various types of applications. These configurations include:

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Sweeper Hire Pretoria – Request a quote

Obtaining a price estimate from us for the hire of a vehicle is simple. You have the option of submitting a enquiry using our website, writing us an email, or giving us a call on 021 948 4746 to get a price estimate.

Our street sweeper hire and garbage truck hire service offerings are now available in the cities of Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town.


Front Garbage Truck Hire Pretoria


Street Sweeper Three Quarter Front Hire Pretoria

Pretoria Muncipality Recycling Tips

Why reduce, reuse, recycle? By recycling, we reuse metal, glass, and plastic instead of mining for new ones. Recycling minimises your carbon footprint, or the emissions from products and materials that could have been recycled.

If everyone reused or recycled one kilogramme, the impact would be huge. Imagine 11 billion people reusing or recycling materials throughout a lifetime, year, month, or week.

Tshwane’s two-bin recycling method is expensive. This will take a lot of organisation, time, and money.

Reducing, reusing, recycling


no labels needed. Rinse bottles to remove trash that attracts flies. Sort recycling caps by type.

Everything can be recycled except wax-covered fruit crates. Milk or drink containers can be recycled into plastic roof tiles and corrugated plastic sheets.


Recyclers recycle E-Waste. EWASA’s website has more info.


Shredded cool drink bottles produce pillows, duvets, and jacket linings. Shredded coloured bottles make roof insulation.

Bottle caps, computer cases, etc. are melted to construct garden furniture, Wendy cottages, and plastic “sleepers.” Plastics are utilised to make landfill and dam filters.

Key Contact Numbers

  • Collect a Can: 011 466 2939
  • Paper recycling: 011 803 5063
  • Plastic recycling: 011 314 4021(selling recycling bins)
  • Glass recycling: 0861 2GLASS (45277)
  • Polystyrene: 012 259 0554